Catch & Sale of Leafy Spurge Beetles

Good afternoon,

We are a small group under the guidance of Harvey Anderson.

We are catching 2500 beetles for $75. We start July 4th to about the 11th and will stay out longer if needed. We would prefer if everyone could preorder the beetles and if you could pick them up the day of or the day after. We are able to deliver if you’re close to Moose Jaw or Saskatoon. Please contact Speirious Prokulevich if you would like to make arrangements in regards to orders. You can reach me at (639) 470-2048 by call or text, or you can simply reply to this email. Thank you!






Speirious Prokulevich

Insect Conservationist



Leafy Spurge Beetle collection Days 2022

July 4 – 8, 2022 (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) @ Besant Campground.

Please see link for details:

Leafy Spurge Beetle Collection 2022

Moose Jaw RM 161

RM office will be closed May 17-19, 2022 for the Rural Municipal Administrator’s Association annual meeting.

For emergencies please contact our Municipal Foreman – Sid Wilson @ 306-631-7944 or Reeve – Ron Brumwell @ 306-631-1319

Railway crossing on Highway 363 near 24th Ave will be closed on May 16 & 17, 2022 (this was postponed due to weather)

CP Rail is planning work at the crossing on Hwy 363 near 24 Ave W. Road will be detoured as per attached picture.

RM of Baildon – Discretionary Use Notice

The Rural Municipality of Baildon No. 131 Discretionary Use Application/Notice.

The Council of the Rural Municipality of Baildon No. 131 hereby gives notice, pursuant to section 6.4{1)(iv) of the Zoning Bylaw. Bylaw 08-2015, to allow the public to comment on a discretionary use development permit application respecting a proposed expansion of an Intensive Livestock Operation situated on Section SE 32-15-26-W2, operated by Top Gun Feeders Inc.
The purpose of the meeting is to enable Council to hear any concerns that may exist respecting the development proposal and to allow the applicant to explain the processes planned to limit those concerns to neighboring properties.

Council will hold a public meeting at the Regional Municipal Plaza located at 1- 1410 Caribou Street West, Moose Jaw on May 11,2022 at 8:30 a.m. to hear comments or concerns from any person or group who wants to comment on the proposed intensive livestock operation expansion. Council will also consider at the hearing any written comments or concerns received or delivered to the undersigned at the municipal office before the hearing.

Dated at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan this 26th day of April,2022.

(a) Address for Mail or hand-delivery:
Rural Municipality of Bai/don #131
#1-1410 Caribou St. W., Moose Jaw, SK S6H 7S9
(b) E-mail address: rm131@sasktel net, Fax (306) 693-2170, phone (306)693-2166

Administrator/Development Officer RM of Baildon No. 131

Moose Jaw RM 161

Snow Removal from Private Lanes

With the snowfall received thus far in 2021/22, we were all certainly challenged to finding an “appropriate home” for the excess snow in our lanes and roadways. The Municipality can certainly appreciate that residents want to dispose of snow from their laneways as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, the Municipality is experiencing an increase of the amount of snow from private lanes pushed onto Municipal Road allowances. In several cases, the snow-piles are left on the sides of roads to the point where traffic is down to one lane or worse, whereby the snow has drifted completely across the road making it impassable and dangerous for traffic. Therefore, we ask that snow from private laneways be kept on your existing property and not pushed onto Municipal Road allowances or public streets.

While the Municipality does its best to keep up with the snow removal on our roads, we cannot possibly clear the snow at every location simultaneously. Our many “Thanks” go out to those of you that have taken it upon them-selves to clear the snow when our crews were unable to reach everyone as quickly as possible. In addition, if you have not done so already and are currently removing snow from Municipal roadways, we encourage you to stop by the RM office to complete an “Occupational Health and Safety Exemption” form.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please the Municipal office (306) 692-3446 or email:

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Moose Jaw RM 161




For Immediate Release March 10, 2022


A new initiative to prevent trespassing: SARM joins Saskatchewan tech startup to help rural landowners manage property and reduce unsolicited visitors & trespassers

“The SaskLander platform concept is simple. Post the land you own and then deny or give permission to those who request to enter onto it. The general public can request the required permission from landowners for hunting or recreation. The app works for rural municipalities because it gives the public access to a rural map and identifies the parcels of land and the listed no trespassing locations. It truly is  a must-have resource for our 296 RMs,” explains Ray Orb, Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) President.


Amendments to the Trespass Act require the general public, such as hunters and recreational users, to gain permission to enter onto private lands, whether the land is posted or not. It is currently illegal for a member of the general public to access private land that has been posted with “no trespass” notifications for recreational purposes. The legislation amendments will transfer the onus of responsibility from the landowner to those wishing to access the land by requiring them to ask for permission before entering. SaskLander is an opt-in service that lets landowners add land and set their permissions by activity, in effect posting land digitally.


“One of the issues has always been that the general public, when seeking to access private land, wouldn’t always see a no trespassing sign. They might not know who the landowner is or how to contact         them. SaskLander platform has bridged that gap, it’s as quick as opening the website and looking at the parcel of land you plan to be on and sending a message to the landowner,” adds Orb.


The SaskLander platform has 268 landowners registered online, accounting for 730 parcels. Usage of the platform spiked during hunting season in 2021, with notable and ongoing growth from recreational interest. In December, SaskLander noted increased signups as well, attributed to snowmobile season and the Trespass Act starting enforcement January 1, 2022. SaskLander is in early access and free to try.


Trespassing presents a threat not only to feelings of personal safety for rural municipality landowners, but also the livelihood of the landowner. Unfortunately, livestock has been lost to hunting accidents or because gates have been left open as a result of trespassing incidents. Additionally, the potential is high for the spread of noxious weeds, invasive species, and soil-borne diseases, like clubroot. This concern alone presents a serious biosecurity threat to Saskatchewan’s agricultural economy.


SARM sees the SaskLander app as a solution for landowners and recreational users to obtain permission to enter private lands and help diminish the risk of land trespassing.


For further information please contact:


RM of Moose Jaw No. 161 Christmas hours


Friday – December 24th

Monday – December 27th

Tuesday – December 28th

Wednesday – December 29th

Thursday – December 30th

Friday – December 31st


Council and Staff for the RM of Moose Jaw No. 161 would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

For Sale by Tender – Tax Title Property

Rural Municipality of Moose Jaw No. 161




The Rural Municipality of Moose Jaw No. 161 is offering for sale by public tender the following land due to tax arrears. The sale of land for tax arrears is governed by The Tax Enforcement Act.

Property Description/location


  • Blk/Par A, Plan No. 101966878, Extension 0
  • The ISC Parcel No. is 164301106 and contains 2.5 acres.
  • Parcel is located on 24th Ave W. approximately 120 meters South of Snowdy Rd.


Conditions and Bid Forms are available at the Municipal Office located at:

The Rural Municipality of Moose Jaw No. 161

#3-1410 Caribou St. W.

Moose Jaw, SK S6H 7S9

Email: or Municipal website:


Completed bid forms are to be sent to the Municipal Auditors:


Mr. John Krysak

Dudley & Company LLP

Suite 200, 2255 13th Ave

Regina, SK S4P 0V6


Deadline: January 14, 2022, 4:00 p.m.





The Rural Municipality of Moose Jaw No. 161 is offering for sale by public tender the following land due to tax arears. The sale of land for tax arrears is governed by The Tax Enforcement Act.

Blk/Par A Plan 101966878 Ext. 0 – ISC Parcel No. 164301106 Pt. NE 26-16-27 W2


Tax sales are not typical real estate transactions. The municipality is not obligated to obtain fair market value. Prior to considering participating in a tax sale, it is recommended that you seek independent legal advice.


The property is sold under the following conditions:


  1. The property is sold as is, where is – without warranty. The municipality is not fully aware of the conditions of the property.


  1. The municipality does not provide a survey or reference plan for any parcel of land subject to tax sale.


  1. The onus is on the tenderer to conduct his/her own inspection of the property. The municipality makes no representations as to the quality of the land and/or buildings being sold.


  1. The successful bidder will be required to enter into an Agreement with the Municipality to ensure compliance with the Municipal Nuisance Abatement Bylaw which will include the clean-up of the property to within an agreed upon timeline and standard as determined by Council.


  1. A deposit of 10% of the purchase price (including G.S.T.) is required with the submitted bid.


  1. The purchaser is responsible for fees of Transfer Title. The purchaser must provide the name of his/her solicitor who will undertake to register the Transfer Authorization on his/her behalf. The RM of Moose Jaw will provide a Transfer Authorization to the purchaser’s solicitor upon receipt of the balance of the purchase price.


  1. Once the successful bidder has been notified, they will have 14 days to present the remaining balance of the purchase price.


  1. The municipality may reject any bid that is not sufficient to cover arrears, penalties and costs.







All tenders are to be submitted with the best and final offer by January 14, 2022 @ 4:00 p.m. to the Municipal Auditor, who will open and inspect all Tenders. Tenders will be considered at the next meeting of Council.


Submit Tenders Using the Supplied Bid Form To:



Attention: Mr. John Krysak

Dudley and Company LLP

Suite 200-2255-13th Ave, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 0V6


Deadline: January 14, 2022, 4:00 p.m.


Any/all questions related to the property are to be relayed to the Municipal Office.



Property Description: Blk/Par A Plan 101966878 Ext. 0 – ISC Parcel No. 164301106 Pt. NE 26-16-27 W2


Current Zoning: Country Residential


Roll #: 1576-100


SAMA Assessment ID/Alt #: 505069850-01


Assessed Value: $103,300.00


Parcel size:  1.011 hectares (2.5 acres) 192.49 meters x 52.5 meters


Tax Arrears Value: $25,216.51



Proposed Red Lake Waterline

Red Lake Waterline group is proposing a water pipeline from Moose Jaw south along Highway #2, 6 miles west and 2 miles east of #2 highway, and along 16th Avenue, 24th Avenue & 32nd Avenue.

If you are interested, or know of anyone that may be interested, please contact Red Lake Waterline directly: