Hay Bale

Hay Salvage/Ditch Mowing

Once again, producers can take advantage of free hay in  provincial highway ditches.

Hay can be salvaged any time during the spring or summer months. Before and including July 8, landowners or lessees nearest/adjacent to the ditch have the first option to cut or bale material, but after that day anyone can cut and bale without permission from the property-owner, as long as no salvage operations have already begun. It is recommended that participants contact their local ministry office to provide contact information and limits on where they are salvaging hay to avoid disputes.

Hay must be cut at a uniform height in ditches and bales must be placed at least eight metres away from the shoulder of the highway. Bales must be removed by August 8, otherwise they may be subject to removal and disposal by the ministry. After August 8, bales must be removed immediately following haying operations. The ministry may also remove and dispose of hay bales in locations deemed unsafe for drivers.

Ditch Mowing

The ministry is working on its annual early mowing program along high traffic volume highways, which begins June 7 and will continue until July 15. Contractors cut a four-metre wide swath along shoulders adjacent to Highways 1, 7, 11, 16 and 39, along with portions of Highways 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9,  and 10. During this time, mowing may be completed near some highway intersections and interchanges, railway crossings and tourism facilities.

Regular ditch mowing will occur along all four-lane highways between July 15 and the fall months. A four-metre-wide strip will be mowed adjacent to the other highways with additional mowing as required to ensure visibility and weed control. Progress is weather dependent.

Key Dates

  • June 7 – July 15: Mowing includes a four-metre shoulder cut adjacent to the road. Highways 1, 7, 11, 16 and 39, along with portions of Highways 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10. Some highway intersections may receive a full ditch cut to ensure good sightlines.
  • July 8: Prior to and including this date, a landowner or lessee nearest to a highway ditch has the first option to cut or bale hay. After this date, anyone may cut and bale hay or grass in a highway ditch without getting the permission of the adjacent landowner.
  • July 15 – Oct. 15: Contractors begin mowing the width of ditches along all four-lane highways. All other highways get a four-metre cut adjacent to the highway shoulder.
  • August 8: All hay bales must be removed from ditches or they may be removed and disposed of at the ministry’s discretion.

Ministry Contacts

For additional information or to provide contact information and limits of hay salvage operations, please contact the district office in your area:


Swift Current District                                 Moose Jaw District                                 Weyburn District

303 – 350 Cheadle Street West                   Box 457, Highway 2 South                     18 Souris Avenue North West

Swift Current, S9H 4G3                                 Moose Jaw, S6H 4P1                                Weyburn, S4H3 M7

306-778-8322                                                   306-694-3711                                            306-848-2435


North Battleford District                          Saskatoon District                                 Yorkton District

502 – 114th Street                                           126 – 105th Street East                          304 -120 Smith Street East

North Battleford, S9A 2M6                          Saskatoon, S7N1Z3                                 Yorkton, S3N3V3

306-446-7470                                                   306 933-5306                                            306-786-1658


Meadow Lake District                                Prince Albert District                                  La Ronge District

Box 1350, 212 1st Street East                       Box 3003, 81 North Industrial Drive         Box 597, 1328 La Ronge Avenue
Meadow Lake, S9X 1Z1                                 Prince Albert, S6V 6G1                                  La Ronge, S0J 1L0
306-236-7652                                                   306-953-2735                                                  306-425-4494